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Don’t wait for lower back pain to deteriorate

Lower back pain is extremely common, affecting more than 80% of people, at any point during their lives. It can be concerning for some sufferers, as lower back pain can be the cause of varying degrees of debilitation and time off from work may be required. Reassuringly, the pain is rarely serious, and symptoms very often settle quickly however for some, pain can recur and in a minority of cases, last for longer than a few weeks.

There is often no single or obvious cause of lower back pain, but there are various contributory factors which can be biological, psychological, or social (sometimes a mixture of all three). These are all very much dependent on the individual and can manifest in different ways.

How can Osteopathy help?

Osteopathic treatment for lower back pain is focused on relieving tension, stretching out the muscles and improving mobility and physical function. As practitioners, we work with you on an individual basis, taking into account your age, your general level of fitness, and the possible cause/s of pain. 

As osteopaths, our support extends beyond the treatment room as we also offer information on stretches you can complete at home, and can advise on broader lifestyle changes which can collectively aid recovery and optimise your chances of a speedy and long-term recovery.

What are you waiting for?

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