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The hips (and pelvis) don’t lie.

Hip pain, particularly as you get older, is very common and can be caused by unaccustomed or increased activity, a sports injury or other trauma (such as a fall or from a car accident), or by general wear and tear in the joint structure. As osteopaths, the most commonly treated hip-related issue is that of osteoarthritis and this mostly presents as a decreased range of movement and pain within the groin area. 

Pelvic pain is usually felt in the lower part of your tummy but can extend to the entire pelvic area. (sacroiliac pain, for example, will present to the back and buttock) and it is important to be mindful that it can manifest as a result of pain or injury elsewhere in the body. As with any new or chronic pain, we always advise ruling out all other sources of discomfort and your osteopath can help with any referrals or diagnostic advice.

Osteopathic treatment is most helpful when there is an onset of sudden and severe mechanical pain (acute pelvic pain) or longer term muscular pain (chronic pelvic pain). The conditions we most commonly treat are that of sacroiliac joint dysfunction, pubic symphysis dysfunction and pelvic girdle pain. 

How can Osteopathy help?

Depending on your individual circumstance (age, level of fitness and diagnosis), your osteopath will assess and employ a range of stretching and strengthening techniques within the clinic room to work out how best to support the recovery of your mobility and range of movement. We will supplement this with more generalised lifestyle advice on sleeping position, recommended footwear, rehabilitation activities and recommended levels of activity, and offer guidance on regularity of treatment.

As osteopaths, our ability to make a difference is very much dependent on the nature and extent of an injury or condition. There may be some instances where we can’t help but, in most cases, osteopathic intervention can prove to be an effective method of reducing pain, optimising healing times and supporting you to return to your usual activities more quickly.

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