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Let us relieve the burden of shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain can be caused by injury or trauma to the shoulder muscles; through strenuous exercise and / or by lifting heavy objects. It is not always related to an underlying condition such as osteoarthritis, or a frozen shoulder. Shoulder pain affects three in ten adults at any one time, from young adults through to the elderly.

As with other commonly treated conditions, the best thing you can do is to stay as active as possible by continuing to move your shoulder. The good news is that in most cases, pain and symptoms show signs of improvement within two weeks. However, depending on severity, it can take six months or longer to fully recover and that’s when you might turn to an osteopath for support.

How can Osteopathy help?

The aim of osteopathy is to identify the root cause of any pain. We are therefore unlikely to focus solely on your shoulder in-clinic; we will undertake assessment on peripheral areas such as the thoracic spine, ribs, neck, upper back, and pelvis to locate the source of pain and treat where required.  We will consider all potential causes, particularly where there is a history of shoulder discomfort which has not healed or responded to earlier, alternative treatments.

Treatment plans vary between individuals and are dependent upon age, fitness level, and diagnosis. As practitioners, we may employ a variety of massage and stretching techniques to loosen your muscles and joints, to restore the range of movement in your shoulder, and to reduce tension. We can also advise on rehabilitation exercises and educate our patients about improving lifestyle habits to optimise your chances of avoiding pain and injury in future. 

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