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The road to a speedier recovery?

We are all well aware that the benefits of sports and exercise far outweigh the risks but unfortunately, injuries do happen. The majority are caused accidentally (i.e., from a fall or heavy blow), but also by not warming up adequately, using inappropriate equipment and /or applying poor technique, and overtraining or repetitive strain from overuse. The ankles and knees can be particularly vulnerable, but sports injuries occur in virtually any part of the body, within the muscles, bones, joints and connective tissues.

Osteopathy can provide relief and rehabilitation from a range of sports related concerns, from tennis or golfer’s elbow, to disc problems, sprains, generalised pain, tendonitis, and more.

How can Osteopathy help?

As osteopaths, our aim is to support and enhance a natural healing process within the body, through the application of massage, stretching and myofascial release to relax and lengthen tight or painful muscles, joints, and ligaments. In the case of sports injuries, we can treat a wide variety of conditions to reduce pain, improve movement and restore you to normal functionality.

Osteopathic advice and intervention can ensure that there isn’t a return to activity too soon, aligning the restoration of the affected areas with the appropriate levels and progress of physical movement.   We can also help rebalance the joints and muscles within the body to lessen the chances of a recurring injury.

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