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Framlingham Castle

All about Framlingham Castle

History and stories all about Framlingham Castle

Framlingham is a beautiful picturesque market town in the heart of Suffolk. Framlingham has plenty of pubs, walks, a range of shops and has the great privilege of being home to Framlingham castle.

Framlingham Castle is a majestic late 12th century castle. It’s surrounded by plenty of parkland and lovely old buildings making it perfect for dog walking or a day out.

Framlingham Castle was first built in the 12th century by Rodger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk. The castle was home to the Dukes of Norfolk for over 400 years!

Framlingham castle through History

The first stone buildings at the site of Framlingham castle were the work of Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk. The huge stone curtain walls we see on Framlingham Castle today were built by Rodger Bigod, they were a powerful Norman family in the 12th century.

In the last few centuries Framlingham Castle has undergone several renovations, which saw the castle be used as a school, poor house and a prison.

In the 16th century Framlingham Castle became a theatre for a national drama when it was shortly owned by Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII. Mary was aware that her position as a legal heir was under threat so she originally fled to Cambridge, later to Kenninghall in Norfolk, it was from these two places she moved to Framlingham Castle- the safest of her properties.

In 1635 Framlingham Castle was sold to Sir Robert Hitchman, a politician who rose to attorney general. After his death his Will stated that Framlingham Castle’s outer walls be saved and the inner walls demolished and the stones used to build a poor house, so the buildings were destroyed and a poor house built in its place.

Old Stories

Framlingham Castle has some interesting stories – Chilling tales of mysterious faces, ghostly footsteps, and disembodied screams heard by the staff echoing through the castle rooms.

As recently as summer 2013 reports of children’s voices coming from the empty courtyard have been made, with many visitors to Framlingham Castle saying it sounded as though they were playing.

We hope you love learning about the history of Framlingham Castle as much as we do, We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Suffolk with a vibrant and interesting history.

For more information about Framlingham Castle Visit Suffolk website is a great read.

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