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Running in the dark

Autumn is here.

Clocks changing

With the nights getting darker already and the chilly mornings creeping in, it is no secret summer is most definitely over and winter is coming. With the clocks going forward an hour it means we will loose daylight at a rapid rate at the end of October and nights will be darker. But we still have our beloved dogs to walk, or going on a run or a walk with friends. It is crucial to your mental health to still get out in the fresh air and enjoy those crisp Autumn mornings where we can.

Getting out in the dark

Since most of us will be out in the dark its important to stay safe.

Wear brightly coloured clothing– Around Suffolk we are very lucky not to have that much traffic, but we still need to be as visible as possible.

Wear reflective gear– There are plenty of reflective clothing options, Reflective belts, harnesses, wrist straps, arm bands and tape will all help you be visible on the Suffolk roads.

Plan your route carefully- Around Suffolk we have many beautiful routes you could take, Debenham has lovely walks around the lakes, Framlingham you can walk around Framlingham Castle and Snape maltings has the picturesque river, make sure you try to stick to footpaths and take a torch so you can see where your going.

Benefits of running and walking

  • Getting out in the fresh air running or walking provide an abundance of physical and mental health benefits. Incorporating a walk or run into your daily workout regime is highly recommended and will do you a lot of good in the long run.
  • Did you know experts suggest that brisk walking for 30 minutes at a moderate speed everyday can burn 150 – 200 calories, Additionally, long walks can help you clear your thoughts and calm you down.
  • Running helps you live longer!!
  • Running boosts your vitamin D naturally!!
  • Running improves mood!!
  • It helps keep your muscles strong resulting in less pain!!

At Osteopathy Suffolk we recommend all patients make sure they are moving their bodies and getting out in the fresh air, even when the dark nights come around.


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