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School Backpacks

School Bags and Backpacks

Choosing the right school bag for your child is just as important as choosing the right school shoes. The holidays always seem to go by so quickly and before you know it your back to the regular routines of work and school. Routines are important to manage time, eating habits and sleep cycles.

We often bundle children off to school in the same ways we bundle ourselves off to work- rushed, tired and with loads of bags! Then expect them to concentrate for 8 hours in uncomfortable chairs, children suffer from back pain just the same as adults do, they just cant explain it in the same way.


Choosing the correct school bag

There are 2 different types of recommended school bags:

• A rucksack which has 2 thick straps and ideally a waist strap to make sure the bag stays close to the body. 

• A cross body bag with a thick strap which goes across the body to the opposite shoulder to spread the weight evenly.

Both of these bags are also recommended from the charity BackCare.

Try to find a bag that has padded shoulder straps so they don’t dig in, also recommend is a well padded back to the bag to remove pressure on the lumber spine which will support the lower back.


How to wear your school bag correctly

Now you have your school bag it’s important you are wearing it correctly to avoid strains.

First thing to check is that the straps are adjusted so the bottom of the bag rests on the top of the buttocks and the top of the bag is in contact with the top of the spine ( below the neck )

If the school bag has a waist strap, make sure this is adjusted and tightened.

Pack your bag starting with heaviest items at the bottom and any bulky items you may have place towards the front of the bag so they won’t dig into the back.

Try to make sure to stand up straight and not lean forward to keep your posture correct.

If your child is struggling with back pain due to their school bag Osteopathy Suffolk can help to reduce the pain with regular treatments and gentle stretching.

Booking can be done here for either Snape or the Debenham clinic.

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