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Gardening Pain Free

Pain free gardening

Gardening tips and advise

Since it’s summer, a lot of our patients will spend a vast amount of time in their beloved gardens.

As keen gardeners ourselves let us impart some advise and knowledge.

Gardening is a fantastic way to strengthen your muscles, you are using your entire body meaning you do a lot of stretching whilst gardening- That’s why you get that achy feeling a few days after an extended gardening period.

Did you also know just an hour’s worth of gardening burns 300 calories? (a great way to burn extra calories whilst having fun I’d say!)

Gardening will reduce your anxiety which means benefiting your overall well-being…. that cant’ be bad can it?

Our Gardening advise.

Stretching!!!.. this one is so so important to your overall well-being regardless of whether your gardening or not, it makes you feel great and gives your joints movement before you endure any strenuous tasks.

Posture! Please make sure you are bending at the knees not your back and change how you dig/rake/weed every now and then to give your body variety of movement.

Water! You don’t need to water just your plants you know? You need to hydrate yourself as well, you may not feel like you’re using energy or sweating but chances are you would of lost a lot of water from your body whilst gardening so the more you can consume liquids the better, try to drink a glass of water every 30 mins.

The Sun! The sun is glorious, the Vitamin D you receive is amazingly beneficial to your health and gives you a great dose of Dopamine making you feel great, just remember to always wear a hat and suntan lotion- you need to protect the outside just as much as the inside.

How can Osteopathy Suffolk help?

The best way to stop these issues is prevention, having regular treatments will help prevent your aches and pains before you garden. Let us tailor a bespoke treatment plan for you to ensure your gardening experience will be pain free.

Book an Appointment today with Osteopathy Suffolk to see what benefits we can help you with and feel the greatness of pain free gardening.

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